My name is

Will Osborn

I design

better experiences

Designing better experiences

Tying together Design and Psychology, it's possible to create truly human centred experiences, that can help people flourish. Designing experiences that can help people learn more effectively, engage with the world around them and lead more deeply satisfying lives.

Current Projects

Here are some of my long term projects

Reactive spaces

Reactive spaces

My masters dissertation was on the topic of creating physical spaces that respond to real time data, so that they can create greater depths of experience and respond to users and external stimuli.

Because no one ever truly wants to read academic writing, I’m putting this into a magazine or e-book format, so it’s easier to flick through

Happiness Architect

Happiness Architect

Happiness Architect is a start-up currently based in London that develops design collaborations with businesses, with a focus on human happiness.

By connecting businesses and other social enterprises with change makers and specialists, we hope to create  networks that can develop services and networks that create value for users.

Co-Design Psychology

Co-Design Psychology

There are parallels between collaborative Design and Positive Psychology, with many of the processes used in collaborative design reinforcing behaviours that are championed by positive psychology.

By developing workshops and research into this area, I hope to develop processes that can enhance human wellbeing and provide systems of creativity that can be embedded within resilient/antifragile communities.


Some of my recent work

Service Design MA/MSc module

As part of developing an interdisciplinary design thinking course, I was asked to develop an applied Service Design module, that could be taken by masters level students, and give them an opportunity to apply their theoretical learning on real world […]

Pontio Shop

A project to develop a community focussed shop, to represent Pontio arts and innovation centre in Bangor, Wales

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