My name’s Will Osborn, and I’m a Service Design Consultant with Seren London, and sometimes Wiltshire and Saudi Arabia.

My background is in Consumer psychology, with a positive psychology twist. This means I’m motivated to create experiences that create happiness, satisfaction,  learning and making sure people aren’t just reaching the “norm”. Everyone should have the opportunity to be better than just getting by, and if we do it with enough, the norm will be much happier.

You’ll probably find an odd mix of things appearing here, I’m not brilliant at specializing.  I’m interested in Consumer and Positive Psychology, Experience Creation, Design, business, Technology, Science… The list goes on.

I was heavily involved in the Students’ Union in Bangor; being a Student Trustee or just an odd jobs man for web and poster stuff for societies. I also got involved in start-ups and social enterprises, and looking how they can make a difference in local communities.

Over the last 4 years, I’ve both participated in and helped facilitate Bangor University’s Entreprise By Design Project, where students from different departments in the university collaborate to create solutions to real world problems. It gives them a chance to apply their knowledge, and learn from other students.

I also took part in the Social Entreprise Accelerator, developed by James Intriligator and Chris Hillier, as an opportunity for students to talk to experts and develop a complete social entreprise in 8 weeks. Some great projects have been developed from this, and I look forward ot seeing what happens in the future.

I also won the Bangor round of the Santander Business Ideas competition this year, focussing on a solution for the growing frustrations of Higher Education students for not getting practical experience during their education.

Don’t hesitate to get in contact if you have any questions, or have projects in need of a Service Designer