Tools for shifting Designers Lull and getting creative again

January 6, 2014

Anyone who has ever worked on a design projects knows the rush of a new project, the create burst when you’re knee deep in new ideas, or the excitement of delivering a final product or service. It feels great. they […]

Switch on some disgust: Designing for emotional priming

December 18, 2013

Back in 2010, I went to the PSFK London Conference. It was one of my first design conferences, and it has stuck with me strongly since then. One of the talks that really held my attention over the years was […]

Happiness isn’t always the answer

April 30, 2013

When creating an experience, it’s so easy to say we want people to be happier and to enjoy their experiences. Businesses, educational institutions, hospitals and any other number of sectors all want “happier” participants, but that’s not always as easy […]

Co-Creating Happiness

March 22, 2013

When people think about Design, it’s usually because they want to create something new or to make something better. It’s all about making an end product that is satisfying. But what about the design process itself? For me, the value […]

Community Centered Design: Designing Pontio’s Shop

A few weeks ago, I ran a workshop with a group of psychology students, some designers,¬†Pontio staff and James Intriligator and Andy Goodman¬†to develop and design a shop for the Pontio project. It was an opportunity for students to apply […]

The value of ideas

Working in a University, one of the topics that has come up in conversation a few times is the intrinsic value of ideas. Universities create huge amounts of research, but on it’s own, how much value does that have? Part […]

More knowledge, more tiers

So, I’m (Officially) working now! I’m now a Service Designer working with Bangor University. As part of this, I’m working with a team to further develop a project known as Enterprise by Design. For those who don’t know it, this […]

What’s in a name? The future of Interaction Design

Got a spare 20 minutes? Then you need to watch Connecting, a 20 minute film about interaction design and how much of a role it could have in our lives in the future. This video highlights for me the growing […]

Digital vs Real World, are they really separate?

As younger generations grow up and technology becomes easier to use, the line between online and offline interaction is becoming more and more blurred, as shown by the rise of the “second screen” push and services like FourSquare, which try […]

The kids are doing it for themselves

Apps for Good isn’t your standard smartphone app incubator. Teams get support from people working at Samsung, O2 and a range of industry experts around the world. After months of working to develop their ideas, only the best are invited […]